CPC emulator for Linux

If you read this, you will use now a more powerfull systems than the AMSTRAD CPC. But maybe you owned one in the past and you like to remember to your old AMSTRAD CPC. No device drivers, no general protection fault and no not working system components.

Modern computer systems are able to emulate old home computers like the CPC. The hardware of the CPC will be realized in software. So you can use the CPC software on a PC.

I wrote such an emulator which runs under Linux and X11. It's name is cpc4x. I decide me to Linux, because there is a lack of such an emulator. For DOS/Windows exists more than enough of them.

cpc4x uses the Z80 microprocessor emulator developed by Marat Fayzullin http://www.komkon.org/fms/EMUL8/, which is written in C. For memory and I/O access the microprocessor emulator jumps to special C functions. Those I filled with program code so that this emulated Z80 find the emulated hardware of a CPC. It seems to be easy, but it sounds easier than it is.

I devoloped cpc4x with S.u.S.E-Linux. But it should run on every Linux system. It is even unimportant, which window manager you are using. cpc4x uses only the X11 system and the dialogs are realized with TCL/Tk.
cpc4x_026_source.tgz Source code of the emulator. Extract the file as root user into your /usr/src/ directory and compile it your self.

Requiered Linux components:

  • Linux
  • GNU C compiler
  • X-Windows system (X11R6)
  • A windowmanager of your choise (KDE, GNOME, fvwm, AfterSTEP, etc.)
  • The X11 include files (Linux package "xdevel")
  • make
  • The shown dialogs needs TCL 7.6 and Tk 4.2 or higher. But you do not need TCL/Tk. If TCL/Tk are not installed, you will get normal command line dialogs for file selections in the same shell window from where you started the emulator.

My CPC emulator is easy to use. The key F7 shows a setup dialog and F8 reset the emulated CPC. You can exit the emulation with F12. F3 shows a file dialog where you can insert disc image as A: or B:.

What works and what doesn't?
You can play some games and start some normal software. cpc4x supports up to 576 kB RAM and 7 upper ROM files. You can use CP/M and CP/M plus. If you switch num-lock off, you can use the numeric keyborad as joystick.
You can also use the XDDOS ROM and 720 kB disc images.

Hardware sensitive games may not run.