Here are some CPC club programs and some of my most favor games. The games are very interesting to play, without killing, shooting etc.

Pro-Design 4.0 is a graphic program which allows you to design one 11 inch page, which is loaded in the CPC memory at one time! One page needs a little bit more than two CPC screens. There exists more than 250 different Fonts (24x24, 16x16 and 8x8 pixels) and a large library of cliparts.

Pro-Design 4.0 offers a 16 k clip board, where you can load the cliparts or screenshots into it and copy them from there into your work and vs. Your work will be compressed before saving and decompressed after loading automaticaly. So a whole page mostly needs less than 16 k on your disk.

Pro-Design 4.0 has a GEM like user interface, which can be used with hot keys, menus and cursor keys, joystick or a mouse. These features needs a little bit memory. A CPC 6128 has enough for Pro-Design 4.0. The 464/664 needs a RAM extension of 64 kbyte at minimum.

Pro-Design 4.0 is not freeware. But the price for a license is only Euro 15,00.

Get the demo version here and test it now!!!! (121 kB)

Desk Royal 1.2

A great GEM like menu system for your CPC.
Desk Royal 1.2 has an own page here, click here for more information .... (36 kB)

Pro calendar

This program saves the 12 calendar sheets of a year on your disk by using all 24 x 24 pixels Pro-Design 4.0 fonts.

You can load these sheets with a graphic tool of your choice (my be Pro-Design) and add to them monthly clips and print them. (43 kB)

Function plotter

Input a equalation and plot it on screen or save it. (10 kB)

Label master

Disks, CD covers, tapes, adress sticker and other things in our life needs to be labled.

Label-Master offers 12 different kinds of graphical stickers. You only need to make some inputs and print, cut and stick them on to your objects. (65 kB)


This is a very nice game. You have to move an object (ball, circle or pyramid) via small pathes through a isometric three dimensional labyrinth and collect diamonds.

Many action without shooting! (27 kB)


A very good 3D car racing. (47 kB)


A PACMAN in 3D. PACCY is able to jump! (29 kB)


A very nice simulation game.
Your order is to prevent a traffic chaos in London by switching different traffic lights. (20 kB)

Mr. Pingo

You, Mr. Pingo, have to put the four parts of the diamond together. You can move the parts or the ice blocks by pushing them in vertical or horizontal direction. Some other figures in the game wants to destroy you. (12 kB)


The jump and run classic game of the 80's. (26 kB)