Desk-Royal 1.2

Desk-Royal 1.2 is a free copyable RSX extention for the CPC BASIC. It offers 40 new BASIC commands to design GEM like user interfaces for your own programs.

An example that opens a menu. You get the result of the selection with FNoption. This result can be use together with ON..GOTO or ON..GOSUB command.

This example shows the vertical menu. You also can design main menus (will be shown in line 1 everytime), horizontal menus, file select boxes, message boxes etc.

A german description of the BASIC commands is on the disk available, but you shold be able to understand the examples in the description. You can read or print the description by starting DR12.BAS on disk.

You can use Desk-Royal 1.2 by loading at runtime or by writing a binary file into a 16k EPROM, which you can put in an external ROM card.

Desk-Royal 1.2 is free copyable. You can download it by clicking on this ZIP file: (36,6 kByte)

Insert disk and type RUN "DR12"