What is this?

This is the the 8 bit AMSTRAD CPC 6128 computer which was built from 1985 until 1991 and sold via Schneider in Germany. This computer has only 128 kbyte RAM, a 3 inch disk drive and came with a color or green monitor with 50 or 60 Hz.

My pages keeps following information about CPC computer

My own CPC 6128

The difficult 3 inch disk medias has been very expensive, but they have a high quality. All my own 3 inch disks works until now without any media defects.

The high price of these disks was a motivation for me, to build an external 3.5 inch disk drive by my self. For the Atari and Amiga computers exists such drives as additional equipment. I bought such a drive, put it in a wood box and "stole" a litle bit of 12 V power from the CPC monitor, ready!

Dobbertin offered in an EPROM, the XDDOS, which is compatible to the AMSODS and able to use 720 kbyte per disk. I removed the AMDOS ROM in my CPC and replaced it with the XDDOS ROM. Now I can use the much more cheaplier 3.5 inch disks.