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2012 Nov, 27th

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GeoCosmos 2.40 is a very nice astronomy program. It can display the star and sky view, moon phases, planetary rises and sets and solar eclipses. It can be used with GEOS 2.x, any NewDeal Office and Breadbox Ensemble

Download and Installation

Please copy the four following files into a temporary directory on your hard disk and extract them there. You need the Universal-Installer by Rainer Bettsteller, which can be downloaded freely from his page.

The extracted files can be installed with the Universal Installer. Please make sure, that your swap file size is set to 6144 kB in the prefences. Else you may get memory problems with the installation of the resouce disks.

GeoCosmos 2.40 program (COSM240E.ZIP / 1.3 MByte / 2012, December 3rd)
GeoCosmos 2003...2010 solar eclipse animations (COSM_ECL.ZIP, 2.4 MByte)
GeoCosmos source codes (COSM_SRC.ZIP, 65 kByte)

Here are some further screen shots